Salih ERBEYİN Attorney
He graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Law in 1988. After doing his law internship in Denizli, he completedhis military service as a Reserve Officer in Ankara and Istanbul. He started working as lawyer in Denizli in 1991. He was self-employed between the years of 1991 and 1999. After that, he entered the Parliament as the 21st Term Denizli Deputy in the 1999 General Elections. Between 2000 and 2002, he served as the Spokesperson in the Justice Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. After the General Elections held in 2002, he returned to Denizli and continued his career as a lawyer, which he started in 1991 and interrupted in 1999 due to his deputyship, together with young lawyers.

Field of work:
  • Civil law
  • Business law
  • Commercial law
  • Law of Obligations
  • Real Estate Law
  • Criminal law
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

Pamukkale Tax Administration 339 001 88 21
TR Number: 177 708 499 68
Phone Number +90 (533) 273 07 56