Erbeyin Law Firm aims to be a steady and continuous wind in the most steady wind type known as trade wind among the winds, instead of being the type of wind that is affected by daily temperature and pressure differences in the profession of law, which is a public service and one of the most basic needs of the society. Aiming to increase the quality of the service provided in the profession and to solve the legal problems of its clients in a rational, fast and reliable manner, Erbeyin Law Firm was first established in Denizli in 1991 by Salih ERBEYİN. As a result of very successful professional activity carried out between 1991 and 1999, Att. Salih Erbeyin briefly remitted his professional practive, due to his election as the Member of Parliament from Denizli between 1999 and 2002. After his deputyship, Att. Salih Erbeyin returned to Denizli and his profession. He expanded his team with Att. Necip Fazıl Erbeyin, Att. İsmail Kaplan, Att. Samet Kocayiğit, Att. Halil Buğra Acemi, Att. Ayşe Ülgen and Att. Hasan Akif Çetiner together with 10 personnels, student and trainee attorney candidates. Through this well-experienced team, Erbeyin Law First provides outstanding legal services to its clients in Denizli, Turkey and abroad.

Erbeyin Law Firm is advancing day by day to operate as required by professionalism. In addition to advocacy and consultancy, training and management consultancy services are also provided to our corporate clients, who request them, in areas where they are needed or on common problems in practice.

Through its experience and the breadth of its team, Erbeyin Law Firm is one of the few fully independent law firms operating by providing local consultancy services both in country and international level. The experience and mine of in-house information go beyond and exceed mere legal services and enable us to produce creative and effective solutions designed according to the needs of our clients. Erbeyin Law Firm achieves this objective by shaping all of its priorities according to its clients' needs and by showing maximum effort to understand its clients' business.

The innovative, legal and proctical solutions provided by Erbeyin Law Firm have been proven in the 30 years since its establishment. Through semi-departmentalization system, each attorney working in our organization is ensured to be competent in every field. Also, this system allows us to ensure the problems faced by our clients to be completely resolved with the area of expertise determined specifically for each attorney.

In today's ever-changing and evolving business environment, there are two main issues that decision makers need to address: trust in relationships and qualified business consultancy. Meeting these expectations of business stakeholders requires and brand new assessment of how legal consultancy shall be provided. We kindly believe that the consultancy and services we provide to you can be successful to the extent of enabling you to achive your goals. For this reason, we extend the scope of our consultancy beyond technical answers to questions. In an effort to perceive the scope of your business, we produce solutions focusing on your success.